New Features in acQuire 4 Version 4.5.7

acQuire 4 Version 4.5.7 - October 2018

Licensing Update

If you use floating licences, you must upgrade Sentinel Server to version 9.1. Sentinel Server version 8.5 is not compatible with GIM Suite 3.0 or later.

Database Update

If your database was created or updated with acQuire 4 Version or earlier, your database will be updated to accommodate some data model additions.

Meta Migration


If migrating from versions prior to, refer to the corresponding release notes for warnings on meta migrations.

If upgrading from a version earlier than, you will first need to run an earlier migration script to bring your ADM version up to or later. Please contact acQuire Support if you require any assistance.

Databases using the standard ADM and Validation V1 are no longer supported. To upgrade, your database must have the following core modules installed:

  • CorpAssay
  • Validation V2.
Note iconNote
Databases using the Coal Quality V1 module are the exception to this and do not require the CorpAssay module to be installed in order to upgrade.

Contact acQuire Support ( if you need assistance.

Install acQuire 4 Version 4.5.7

  1. Start acQuire 4.
  2. Connect to your database as the database manager.
  3. You will receive a message from acQuire 4 that your database needs to be modified to accommodate minor additions to the metatables and/or data model. The update will proceed from within acQuire 4.
  4. When you have run the acQuire 4 database update, make sure all users are upgraded to acQuire 4 Version 4.5.7.

Supported Platforms

To run acQuire 4 software on your system, the minimum software and hardware requirements need to be met. See the System Requirements for acQuire GIM Suite.pdf in the Documentation folder under the acQuire installation folder for more information.

Workspace Objects

  1. Arena
    • Replaced the Neo Web object with the Arena object, as Neo Web has been superseded by Arena. This included changing the name of the Neo Web object to Arena object, as they will now reference Arena tasks instead of the old Neo Web views.

      Note iconNote
      Existing Neo Web objects will continue to work with the new Arena tasks.
  2. Briefcase
    • Fixed the issue where briefcase transfers would fail for datasets containing fractions of duplicates, even if the FRACTION_OF_DUPLICATE setting in METADEFAULTS was set to ON.
  3. Common to All Objects
    • Added the following additional properties to the Summary tab of the object properties (accessed by right-clicking the object in the workspace tree and selecting Properties):

      • Saved by host: the name of the machine that was used to save the object.
      • Saved by acQuire: the acQuire 4 version that was used to save the object.
  4. Data Entry
    • Fixed the issue where the column sizes in combo boxes were too small (truncating the lookup codes), after upgrading a data entry object built in an earlier version of acQuire 4.
    • Fixed the issue where controls within tab boxes would not display tooltips, and the incorrect cursor icon would be displayed when hovering over the control.
    • Fixed the issue where deleting a record from a form or data entry object would not work if the number of decimal places specified in the field styling was different to the number of decimal places in the raw data.
    • Fixed the issue where the Allow deletion of existing records setting (from the Sheet Wizard - Entry Mode dialog) was not honoured in the Graphical sheet.
    • Fixed the issue where, if a listbox only had one column and a large font size was used, the text would be truncated (as the column width could not be changed).
    • Fixed the issue where deleting a record using a data entry object based on the DrillholeTemporalMonitoring compound would also cause virtual field data for the last record in the grid to be deleted.
  5. Depth Adjustment
    • Added the ability to lock depth adjustments for drillholes, via the new DA_LOCK table. Users will not be able to commit or revert adjustments for any hole in this table that has its ISLOCKED flag set to 1.
    • Fixed the issue where depth adjustments would fail with an error about overlapping intervals, for certain tie line configurations.
  6. Export
    • Added a Redefine Depth field option:

      • To the Drillhole export object (on the Collar selection tab), allowing a field other than HOLELOCATION.DEPTH to be used as the DEPTH field in the exported data set.
      • For form definitions based on the GeophysDetails compound, allowing a virtual field like True Vertical Depth to be used as the exported DEPTH column, rather than GEOPHYSDETAILS.DEPTH.
    • Added an Export selected data sets option to the Drillhole Text Options dialog, which can be used to limit the data sets you want to include in the export (for text exports only).
    • Fixed the issue where the Point Sample export object would sometimes fail to export all records when exporting very large datasets.
    • Fixed the issue where entries in the METACLIENTALIASES table could be deleted if you changed the aliases and selected the Save aliases to database option.
    • Fixed the issue where the export object would ignore the list specified by the /loadHolesInclude parameter and instead export all holes, if the specified field contained a duplicated hole ID.
    • Fixed the issue where the export object would use the maximum predicted geology depth as the collar depth (for databases with the GeologyPredicted module installed).
    • Fixed the issue where, if exporting via command line using a hole list, if the form definition filter of the Collar data set did not match the form definition filter of the Survey data set, not all survey data would be exported.
  7. Form
    • Fixed the issue where decimals would no longer display on a form object when alternate row shading was enabled.
  8. Import
    • Added the Auto fill columns option to the context menu that displays when a user right-clicks on an import sheet in design mode.
    • Added the ability to import data directly from IMDEXHUB-IQ. Refer to the IMDEXHUB-IQ Integration User Guide in the Documentation folder of your acQuire GIM Suite installation directory for details.
    • Fixed the issue where cancelling a check mode import could sometimes result in the records imported before the cancellation being loaded into the database.
    • Fixed the issue where the wrong report file name would be generated if an import object was configured to load multiple files from a folder and the report file name was generated using the FILENAME() function.
    • Fixed the issue where values could not be passed from an import sheet back to a field on the control sheet (e.g. to store a value that will be referenced in a subsequent sheet), when running an automated import.
    • Fixed the issue where Manual and Auto Commit check-mode imports would sometimes commit data even when a STOP command was encountered.
  9. QAQC
    • Added new statistics for paired QAQC objects:

      • Coefficient of Variation (CV)
      • Bias (mean).
    • Fixed the issue where the QCCorpPairsDespatchLabCheckPrefUnits compound was not converting to the preferred units specified in the ELEMENT table.
    • Fixed the issue where the expected value line would not plot in the correct location if the number of decimal places specified in the chart settings was less than two.
  10. Report
    • Set the default paper size for reports to A4, if no paper size has been configured.
  11. Script
    • Fixed the issue where RUNSQL() commands would not work with scripts that returned a result with a varchar(max) data type.

Workspace Tools and Infrastructure

  1. Automation
    • Fixed the issue where acQuire 4 would sometimes crash after clicking the Refresh button on the Logs tab in the Task Automation Wizard.
    • Fixed the issue where acQuire 4 would report a generic failed to run import program error message if the acQuire Information Manager did not have write access to the specified error log location. It now gives a more informative message to assist with troubleshooting the problem.
    • Fixed the issue where users would get a pop-up dialog warning them that there was a problem with their email settings, if they had configured a job/task to send email notifications, but had not entered a username and password in the Email Server Setup dialog (as these fields are optional - some companies use a dummy account with no username or password).
  2. Form Definitions
    • Added the ability to edit a derived field from within the Form Definition and Validation and Styling dialogs, by right-clicking the field and selecting Edit Field.
  3. Functions and Expressions
    • Fixed the issue where the GETIMPORTALIAS client side function would not recognise changes made to the METAIMPORTALIASES table unless acQuire 4 was closed and re-opened.
  4. Transform Coordinates Tool
    • Fixed the issue where coordinate transformations would fail for grids based on the Hartebeesthoek94 datum.
  5. Validation and Styling
    • Added the ability to sort lookup lists in the Validation and Styling system by any Validation and Styling field (e.g. Description, Subgroup, Active, etc.).
  6. Workspace
    • Fixed the issue where object backups would still be created when the Backup objects option (under Tools > Options > Global) was disabled.
  7. Workspace Analyser Tool
    • Fixed the issue where the list of objects affected by the selected compound and field would not refresh unless you toggled the Hide valid objects option off and on.

Data Model

  1. Activities and Contracts
    • Updated the QV_AC_ACTIVITYREPORTCOSTDETAILS_RO view to improve performance.
    • Fixed the issue where the QSP_AC_COPYCONTRACT procedure would fail with an error about inserting duplicate values into AC_CONTRACTITEM, when trying to copy the rate for an existing item that has a contract end data defined.
  2. General
    • Added a new table function called QTFN_MAJ_GEOCODE (the equivalent of the existing QFN_MAJ_GEOCODE scalar function).
    • Changed the NO_DUPLICATE_FIELDNAMES setting in the METADEFAULTS table to be ON by default for any newly-created databases.
    • Fixed the issue where the CORP_BestAssayDrillHoleSampleChkText would return the incorrect combination of BESTEL and BESTEL_NAME fields, if there was more than one result for a given element and sample.
  3. Meta Migration
    • Updated the meta system migration process to also update the Arena meta system if it is present.
  4. Project Permissions
    • Fixed the issue where users who were granted Update permissions on a project could not update drillholes related to that project.


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