New Features in acQuire 4 Version

acQuire 4 Version - March 2019

Licensing Update

If you use floating licences, you must upgrade Sentinel Server to version 9.1. Sentinel Server version 8.5 is not compatible with GIM Suite 3.0 or later.

Database Update

If your database was created or updated with acQuire 4 Version or earlier, your database will be updated to accommodate some data model additions.

Meta Migration


If migrating from versions prior to, refer to the corresponding release notes for warnings on meta migrations.

If upgrading from a version earlier than, you will first need to run an earlier migration script to bring your ADM version up to or later. Please contact acQuire Support if you require any assistance.

Databases using the standard ADM and Validation V1 are no longer supported. To upgrade, your database must have the following core modules installed:

  • CorpAssay
  • Validation V2.
Note iconNote
Databases using the Coal Quality V1 module are the exception to this and do not require the CorpAssay module to be installed in order to upgrade.

Contact acQuire Support ( if you need assistance.

Install acQuire 4 Version

  1. Start acQuire 4.
  2. Connect to your database as the database manager.
  3. You will receive a message from acQuire 4 that your database needs to be modified to accommodate minor additions to the metatables and/or data model. The update will proceed from within acQuire 4.
  4. When you have run the acQuire 4 database update, make sure all users are upgraded to acQuire 4 Version

Supported Platforms

To run acQuire 4 software on your system, the minimum software and hardware requirements need to be met. See the System Requirements for acQuire GIM Suite.pdf in the Documentation folder under the acQuire installation folder for more information.

Workspace Objects

  1. Data Entry
    • Added a more meaningful error message if a user unpacks a data entry package on a machine where the decimal symbol has been configured to be something other than '.' (within the machine's Regional Settings).
    • Added a new option to the GPS Settings dialog to connect to a GPS device using Bluetooth, as well as a Location Service option to use a device's built-in GPS functionality.
    • Fixed the issue where the Requery action would cause the first record in the data entry grid to be selected, instead of remaining on the current record.
    • Fixed the issue where column widths in combo and matrix controls were too small, cutting off the text of the lookup values in some cases.
    • Fixed the issue where a data entry object would copy previous row values into fields that were not visible on the sheet (i.e. for fields that were part of the form definition the sheet was based on, but not exposed to the user in the object).
  2. Export
    • Fixed the issue where the Limit intervals by geometry option on the Intervals tab of the acQuire 4 export object would behave inconsistently if the data set included overlapping intervals.
  3. Import
    • Fixed the issue where imports of MS Excel files stopped working after recent Windows updates.

Workspace Tools and Infrastructure

  1. Support Packages
    • Fixed the issue where acQuire 4 would sometimes create excessively large support packages (up to several hundred megabytes).
  2. Transform Coordinates Tool
    • Fixed the issue where the QFN_BEST_HOLESURVEY_AZIMUTH function could return the incorrect azimuth grid value under certain circumstances.


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