Release notes: version 1.0.2

Data definitions

  • Fixed the performance issue when applying a filter to a data view where the parent compound has a large number of fields.

Scaled log report

  • Fixed the issue where, in some cases, scaled logs with a high detail or a large number of pages could not be exported to PDF.

XY chart control

  • Added a new Log-10 property to configure a numeric X or Y axis. This gives you the ability to set the X axis and Y series to the Log 10.
  • Added a new Axis property for a series. This lets you define which axis additional series are plotted against when you have a secondary Y axis. This is useful for constant line or min-max series types as you can now select which Y axis they are plotted relative to.
  • Fixed the issue where the range zoom was not working when the X axis is using a numeric data type.
  • Fixed the issue where tooltips from calculated fields would display the incorrect values.

Log control

  • Fixed the issue that would prevent data from the Drillhole Sample Geology compound being displayed on strip layers.

    Contact acQuire Support for a patch script if you use this compound for your logs. An official fix will become available with the next major version of acQuire GIM Suite.

Pie chart control

  • Fixed the issue preventing tool tips now displaying on pie charts.

Map control

  • Fixed the issue where the map could display the wrong information while it is still loading the data.

Gauge control

  • Fixed the issue where adding a styling colour to a gauge had no effect.


  • Added a new property called Constraints that allows properties or field styles to be set through conditions. This property is available in most contexts across layout, visualisation and input controls. This gives you great flexibility on how you can display your data based on conditions. For example, you can now highlight values above a defined threshold on a chart or style map markers in different ways based on the data.
  • Categories for tasks for both the Manager view and User view will now remember their collapsed/expanded state between sessions.
  • Users are now warned if they are trying to perform the first-time configuration from a browser not located on the web server.
  • Fixed the issue that would prevent accessing the field value of numeric data types through binding to a Selected item property of a control.
  • Fixed the issue where the workspace preview option was displaying roles that are not configured for the database.
  • Fixed the issue that could prevent a database being added to the Arena configuration database.


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