Release notes: version 1.0.1

Scaled log report

  • Improved the export to PDF quality of scaled logs. This will allow scaled log reports to be printed with much clearer text and overall better quality presentation.
  • Added the ability to configure border lines of containers to set the line thickness, colour and curvature.
  • Added the ability to add a page count to reports.
  • Fixed the issue where, if an interval for a fill layer extended over multiple pages, the text would only be displayed on one page.

Log control

  • Added the ability to merge borders for a bar layer.
  • Added the ability to place vertical scale grid lines for numeric layers in front or behind the data layers.
  • Added the ability to configure scale and grid line labels.
  • Updated the scale strip so that it now behaves like a strip layer. Ticks and labels can now be configured with more options available, such as text size.
  • Updated the strip labels so that they can now be wrapped over multiple lines.
  • Improved the scrolling and zooming render speed when Coreshed layers are included in the log.
  • Improved the display of text on a fill layer when intervals are small.
  • Improved the performance for rendering a curve layer.

Pie chart control

  • Fixed the issue where the Value and Legend properties would not display the updated values.

Gauge control

  • Fixed the issue to display the colour palette when configuring the styling for a gauge.


  • Improved containers so they now include a gutter property to set the space between rows and columns.

Data mode

  • Improved the data library so that you can now display more fields for the currently selected compound.
  • Added the ability to hold down the CTRL key to allow the multiple selection of non-adjacent fields selected from the data library.


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